The Ramp!

Shallow at one end, deep at the other, it’s The Ramp, a concrete sink by RockMill. The true impressiveness of concrete is on display with a sink like this.

Hand crafted, each piece is unique and subtly different. Lead time 3 weeks.

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The Shape

This sink shape is 47 x 15.5, it’s a sloped ramp style, the shallow end is 2.5″ and the deep end is 4″

The smallest outside dimensions we can make with this mold are 53 x 21.5″

The slot drains into a 1/8″ thick durable ABS drain pan. The pan plumbs to standard 1-1/2″ pipe thread.

Sink does not have an overflow.

You choose how to use it..

You’ve picked the bowl shape, now let’s make it fit the space you have. This sink can be floated or mounted on a cabinet base.

Choose a color

Classic grey? White?

Earth goes really well with wood.

Lots to choose from, too many really, go with your gut.

Interested in something you don’t see? click the samples to see some more

See it in Action

We’ll help you get the sink you want

Every sink we make is custom. If your space can fit this big sink shape, we can make the rest fit your space.

Custom fit for your home

Every sink we make can be custom made to fit the space. Let us know how we can customize yours to fit your home. Ask us any questions by calling (401) 400-0784 or email us at


Length (left - right)

Floating Brackets




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