The Loop Side Table

The Loop Side Table

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The Loop Side Table

Inspired by our Ribbon sink, this little feller can fit a pizza box and a few wine glasses perfectly. In looking at the available options for medium sized indoor tables, we were a bit disappointed and created this sturdy option. 

Check out our color samples, we can cast this in any color we offer and bonus points to those who choose something feisty!

Sits on a gorgeous mahogany base, this table stands 28″ high, is 36″ wide and 18″ deep (or sticks out from your wall).  

She’s about 100lb, so bring some muscle.


You choose how to use it..

This here little feller is quite the catch. At home mimicking the elastic band one might find on a lobster claw whilst providing some fancy space to rest your shizzy. 

Everything we build comes out a little different from one another, that’s the beauty of concrete. 

Made of fiber reinforced concrete and sealed here at the shop for years of service.

We’re currently selling this on Etsy here, but you can buy it from us more directly here.

Guess what. Free shipping! Snatch one up!

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Choose a color

Classic grey? White?

Earth goes really well with wood.

Lots to choose from, too many really, go with your gut.

Interested in something you don’t see? click the samples to see some more

See it in Action

Custom fit for your home

Interested in a loop table of a different size? Let us know and we may be able to make it a reality. Ask us any questions by calling (401) 400-0784 or email us at



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