Connecticut Corner Concrete Sink

Connecticut Corner Concrete Sink

This is a corner preparation sink in the style of a farmhouse sink.

Hand crafted, each piece is unique and subtly different. Lead time 3 weeks.

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The Shape

This sink shape is.. well.. like a diamond, or a rectangle with a corner cut off or…. gosh, idk.

The sink basin depth is 6 – 8″ deep so, she deep.

The sink accepts a standard kitchen drain, although, note the thickness*

You choose how to use it..

Stick it on the corner of your island, stick it somewhere else that’s a little crazy. It’s a corner sink, get funky.

Choose a color

Classic grey? White?

Warm goes really well with wood.

Lots to choose from, but not too much, go with your gut.

Interested in something you don’t see? Buzz us!

See it in Action

We’ll help you get the sink you want

Every sink we make is custom. If you have something in mind like a fatter wall here or longer there, just ask, let’s chat.

Custom fit for your home

Every sink we make can be custom made to fit the space. Let us know how we can customize yours to fit your home. Ask us any questions by calling (401) 400-0784 or email us at

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