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Concrete Wall Tiling to Your Specs

We’re always building from custom specs be it a sink or a wall panel. We can craft feature wall panels made to order. Have a thought in your head about making that bangin reception area? Our Decorative 3D wall panels are composed of fiber reinforced cement and utilize light weight aggregate to make workable and easy to mount pieces. Great for indoors or out, Rockmill can create feature walls from CAD data of almost any shape and configuration.

Almost everything we do at RockMill is some form of custom; your request is no different. Let us help you achieve the feature wall in your commercial, residential or other space. Nearly every characteristic of our panels can be tailored to suit your vision. Color, size, shape, texture, everything is hand crafted to fit your needs. We’ll fit the quantity of tiles you need, or if you aren’t sure, simply give us the design you want and square footage to cover and we’ll make what you need. Each cement tile or panel is handcrafted, and displays its own character, so you can truly have a one of a kind installation.

Nearly Limitless Design Potential

Our 3D wall panels, wall tiles, wall cladding are statement pieces. If you have a concept for a feature wall that exists in your head and can’t be found in a catalog, contact us and see if we can help!

RockMill collaborates with local artist  Mig Perkins


see Mig’s work Art + Situation 

RockMill Creates Facades for Fireplaces

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