We Make custom countertops

Any Project Is Welcome

Whether you're working on a new build, currently renovating, need a large countertop or small tabletop, we can make it. Concrete makes for a durable working surface for your kitchen, bath, dining room, and even outdoors! Residential, commercial locations, if you're a home-owner, architect, designer, doesn't matter. No matter who you are, we can be your solution! Our countertops are longlasting, sleek, and make for a great addition to any space. Much like the sinks we make, all of our countertops can be made in any of our sample colors (custom colors also available) with a lead time of 3 weeks.

Single Cast Waterfall Edge Circa July 2018

Is Concrete Right for You?

While we know that concrete may not be everyones' taste, those who like it want it, and if you've never considered the option, you should. Concrete makes for high end countertops and are typically more expensive than your standard granite or quartz countertops because while the material may be less expensive than others, the labor and care put into making concrete pieces is captured by its cost. Time is taken to make sure that every edge, corner, and surface of these tops leaves the shop looking the best it can, and earns its RockMill seal of approval. Our concrete is made to withstand countless years of wear and tear, and is stain, heat, and scratch resistant.

To some, concrete sealers can be a bit of a pain, but don't worry, we're here for you. Though granite and quartz have required sealer in the past, new synthetic materials and epoxy-filled tops require less attention than their predecessors. Concrete on the other hand does require maintenance, but its not as bad as it may seem. The Omega Countertop Sealer we use is quite durable, and does its job extremely well. Some customers never call to have tops resealed while others need resealing anywhere from 3-7 years after install. That being said, so long as it is properly cared for that timeframe can be pushed out significantly longer, and we're always happy to retreat your countertops for you. If you're interested in more information about our sealer, feel free to check out the link we've put down below to get Jeff Girard of the Concrete Countertop Institute's take on sealer.

The entire process of custom concrete countertops is customizable. You have complete control over the fit and color of the tops, and can also choose to include integral sinks, cutouts for a preexisting sink, backsplashes, integrated drying boards, and more. If you can think of it, we can probably make it. Concrete can be molded to fit your exact space and it entirely personalizable during each step of the process. It allows your creativity and expression to flow into the space it is presented in.

Interested in More Info

If you'd like to see the color palette we offer, or order your own samples, click the image below! Interested in more information, want to request a quote, or you're ready to start the process? Fill out the contact form below, and we'll respond as soon as we can! Also, be sure you attach your specs when reaching out, as that will help to expedite the process and get your project started!

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