The [/yo͞oˈbikwədəs/] concrete ramp sink

Thats ubiquitous BTW, and, it’s a bit of a joke. If you consider all the sinks in the world, porcelain likely takes the win for volume. And, for good reason; it makes a great sink. 

Within the concrete sink world, the ramp sink is the champion my friends. The slot drain, the rampy part- it’s cool! And we love to make them. I found this particular ramp we made to be extra cool.  In this case, the customer had a very tight space. It’s one feature of old New England homes. We’ve got little tiny bathrooms, or, if you’re from Rhode Island you might say lavettes; if you are from New Jersey, New York and perhaps Connecticut, you might say powder room. Anyhoo, this sink could only be so big, but so big wasn’t quite big, you dig? To give some more room for the all important task of hand washing, we just removed the front of the sink. You see?! I want to draw special attention to the fact that the rampy part of the bowl starts lower than even the top surface. This gives a little space boost for the hands while not sacrificing the functionality of the sink. This is form meeting function perfectly because, in my mind, the resulting form from this little tweak is quite interesting and quite beautiful. So… if you have a difficult space and you need a sink from people who know a thing or two …who you gonna call?

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