Trash heap, guilt and a new table

A concrete side table in the shape of a loop

Not the best idea, but we didn’t have a great table for our deck and put out a cheap IKEA table we’ve had for many years. It’s not all that bad, the table served us well for many years and made it through two moves! Perhaps I had good intentions of moving the table back inside as it’s clearly not made for the elements, but alas, I did not and here we have subject junk. 

It did serve as inspiration though! Since making our Ribbon sink, and even before I’ve loved the idea of casting concrete with huge radiused edges. It’s a nice combination of a brutal material with graceful geometry. Also I recently checked out a few YouTube videos on “kerf cutting” or slicing a material many times and almost all the way through such that it can be bent. After making the Ribbon sink a completely different way, I was itching to try this technique. It had it’s challenges for sure, but we were able to make an inner and outer tool to construct a very heavy radius style table. 

image of concrete outdoor table in a loop shape being used by a family

we’ve got this for sale here if you’d like to check it out. Like anything we make, it’s able to be cast in any of our standard color offerings. If you’re far away, shipping might be pricey, but if interested let us know and we can quote it out for you. 

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