Tres betónes (three concretes) one bathroom

concrete wall tiles
concrete wall tiles

Another home project…everyone needs one of those, right? At least now, it’s complete enough to post some swanky pics 😉


When we moved into our Acorn Deck House in October 2018, we knew about a mold problem in the downstairs bathroom. There was a professional abatement performed prior to us moving which required removing some tile. Since matching old tile is only properly performed by flying pigs, and we couldn’t find such soaring swine, we opted for a credit on closing. Motivation to renovate the bathroom, right?!… Always a can of worms. Now for a sprightly spirit like myself there was a silver lining. My wife also happened to be at that special part of pregnancy where she gave me the “do whatever I want” keys, so I took those keys and ran.

It went backwards from this most lovely faucet:

Delta Trinsic wall mounted faucet

I saw this at some point, and the champagne bronze just inspired me to go green. I didn’t exactly care if this bold green would be popular or even socially acceptable, or become the scaffolding for countless Wizard of Oz jokes, but man, the gold, the green, it should be a match made in the Emerald City! Plus the notion of designing some boldly shaped tile seemed quite exciting. Then the idea to wrap the wall to the floor, making a continuous band of green was too interesting to pass up. 


I decided to keep the existing tub since, why not, it would be good to recycle something. But the tiled walls all around the tub were stripped down to the foundation. This gave a good opportunity to add some insulation which was not there prior and heck, why not compose the walls in my favorite material, concrete! Skraffino micro topping actually. Think of it as the concrete of plaster. I’ve had a bit of experience with this in the past as an overlay, so it would fit the bill for this project. I hand troweled it over a prepared cement board which took a few rounds to get the color and the depth to my liking. The coating was sealed with acrylic, then epoxy, followed by polyurethane. You’re thinking that’s a lot of steps right? Well, you’d be correct that it was a tremendous amount of work, but I’m pretty confident it’s well sealed to moisture and it’s since been holding up very well.

 Back to that accent wall:  the main showcase wall/floor gem in the room, that custom concrete emerald green tile. I templated the wall first which gave me the exact size and location of the toilet, faucet, sink, outlet, flush valve, and drain plumbing. Then after laying out the perimeter form boards Julia and I enjoyed the fun part of deciding how the tile pieces should be split. This involved me in socks on a casting table cutting divider forms, lot’s of squinting, but also lot’s of excitement in getting it just right. 

custom tile layout
green concrete floor tile

The green is achieved with a very high pigment loading of two types of green pigment, and all that magic that we’ve learned in the casting and finishing arts. I think the result is quite spectacular. The depth in the green is stunning; the tile pattern I’m quite intrigued by, and those fat seams are uncompromisingly me. So, yeah, you could say I’m jazzed about it. I topped it off with a very uniquely shaped wall mounted custom concrete sink in white. The round bowl of the sink talks with the round mirror and concrete tile just in back of it. It’s a fun combination of shapes.

It is so fun to feel like you have been transported to somewhere else when you walk into a room in your house. I love the vibe of this bathroom and hope to enjoy it for years to come!

shows a wall mounted white concrete sink round

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