Concrete Bed

Concrete bed frame

I recently moved my family to a 1971 post-modern Acorn Deck House in the woods. We were really taken with the layout, the modern lines and all that glazing. We’re in it for the long haul- much to do and I plan on bringing something different to almost all of it. Those projects will come, but I will give you a peek at the first concrete upgrade in the books:

During the moving process it became clear that our old furniture doesn’t belong here; the plain old IKEA bed certainly didn’t and so we got rid of it.  Sleeping on a mattress on the floor for a few weeks hastened the the issue of finding a bed suitable for the space. There was something exciting about a new bed too…until we started looking for one. Yikes. Style, cost, quality, the desire to feel like I am rising as a champion in the morning, all the things I might bicker with my wife about coupled with the pseudo fact that I think i’m some kind of mid-century decoration expert now, made it very hard to find the right bed.

“I’ll just make a concrete bed.” I boldly stated. It’s not exactly absurd… I make lot’s of things. I did a ton of work on our last house and come close to satisfying my concrete craving daily. But there is something strange about a concrete bed. My wife of course is quite supportive of my craftings but this idea may have been my most “out there” vision. This vision, however, was as solid as concrete itself. I was going to make this bed. I even had its image in my head immediately, or perhaps I had it subconsciously already…

Anyway, amidst the wild chaos of typical production in the shop I managed to push this project through. The mold making was fairly straightforward. Casting was a bit tricky. And then there was the structure/frame. I decided not to compromise on this being one piece, that needed to happen, but, the weight would have been prohibitive, so I decided to take out some dumb weight from the center of the bed, replacing concrete with a lighter plate of plywood. The plywood is not seen when there’s a mattress on top so it was a no-brainer for me. All of the concrete is supported on a plywood structure which conveys the load from mattress to floor. Oh and of course the Sapele legs are pretty neat.

I really dig it! I just can’t seem to dress it so no super sexy shots of a complete bed with proper sheets etc. Hopefully we’ll sort that out. But for now, here it is!

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