Colors Added to Sample Tiles / Monitor Color

concrete sample colors

I have two monitors at my desk. The one on my laptop and a side monitor that is nice and wide.  I recently was working on adding some new colors of sample tiles to the website and I realized that I just can’t seem to get both monitors on the same page with color. No matter how much I tweak the color calibration, while the images on one monitor truly represent the color of the sample,  the color perspective on the other monitor is off.

This makes me aware of the varied experiences of all the people viewing our sample tiles on their own monitors. There must be as many slightly unique representations of the color as there are visitors. I sometimes speak with folks on the phone, for example, who think the “classic”, “slate” and “blue steel” have a purple cast to them. Physically looking at the samples they are pretty cold; at least to my eye, there’s no purple hue.  Also, the way the images must be compressed to keep the site looking snappy and proportional for different screens has an effect and can add some off-shades. Overall lesson: I’ve tried to capture the sample colors as best as possible but please be aware that things aren’t always exactly as they appear.

At RockMill Headquarters we have many different colored samples but only a handful are displayed on our website. Very often, customers will send us their own concrete samples or even objects to color match. If you have a particular color in mind, give us a call and we will talk it through with you. Otherwise, if you are interested in a particular color on our website, try to view it on different screens to gain some perspective. The safest bet of course is to buy a sample or come on down and see us in person 🙂




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