Shipping Countertops Across the Nation

concrete sink in crate

Shipping concrete sounds expensive, but in reality it’s no different than shipping any other bathroom fixture. Concrete has a weighty connotation, but we make our parts with glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC), so our parts and not solid concrete right though, they are shells 1-2″ thick, much lighter than you might expect.

If you’re interested in a concrete countertop and have pursued someone locally often times you can find the cost to be surprising. How can concrete cost so much? It’s true that the raw materials aren’t terribly expensive (although they are more sophisticated than your local home center bag mix), but there is a tremendous amount of labor, specialized knowledge and frankly love that goes into each piece. These are hand made; that’s what makes them cool. Each top is unique and there’s now way to duplicate the top that was made for you. That said, RockMill was founded by two composite engineers, so we happened to have some tricks up our sleeves to take some cost out. Let’s be clear that we haven’t taken out the heart which I hope you will see if you look at some of our work. We are happy to help if a concrete countertop is in your future, or if you’re interested in something a bit smaller such as a vanity, please contact us. We are making some incredible custom vanities these days.