Local Business Cards

One of the exciting things about starting RockMill was the ability to express creativity. That’s why I was very excited to work with MOO when it came time to order business cards.  They have an online design tool and plenty of examples to be inspired by. Also, I had driven by a MOO building off of I-195 in East Providence on my way home for years and was curious about them. I ended up using a free image program to overlay our logo on top of a piece of concrete here at the shop. I was inspired by one of MOO’s examples and am quite pleased with the outcome. MOO offers round edges which I thought would hold up better than square corners and also why not! they set us apart from the squares out there. Finally the standard card thickness is very robust. I’ts possible to get an even thicker card and with color layers if that suits your fancy.

We love our business cards and also have ordered some small stickers for the samples we lend out. We first thought about going the Avery route but these were very affordable and much more professional. Check out the MOO site and if your local, have your cards made local.



Two business cards
Business cards from MOO

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